Return Policy

Refund policy


Private Home Viewing Only

DMTN provides services to you solely for viewing, use, and enjoyment in your private home. You agree that no services provided to you will be used or viewed in areas open to the public, commercial establishments or other residential locations.

Services may not be rebroadcast or performed, and admission may not be charged for listening to, using or viewing any services.

If your services are used or viewed in an area open to the public, a commercial establishment or another residential location, we may disconnect your services with no refund.

Ban Rules POLICY.

the Anti-Restreaming pregame on the server it will automatic blocked the subscription when it occurs.

Channels Agreement

Channels lists keep adding and updating according to buyer feedback and server stability needs,

DMTN  will add some channels according to market needs, and delete some channels if it’s not stable

 DMTN can not promise all channels are working properly due to your Internet speed and another tech issue.

the channel lineup can be changed/modified without prior notice.

Programming Restrictions.

Certain services, including without limitation, some subscription services, sporting events, and broadcast network Services, may be blacked out in your viewing area. Minimum Programming Levels. DMTN reserves the right to require and/or change minimum programming requirements at any time. For example BAN/REMOVE/CHANGE, and without limitation, DMTN may require a minimum commitment term..

Refund Policy Agreement

Please find below points to understand our refund policy

We will not be able to make any refunds (or make a partial refund) if: Customer didn’t satisfy/like the Channel line-up or performance.

We suggest every customer go for Trial before buying Subscriptions.

Customer is unable to set-up their own box at their end. We will provide our support to set up their boxes, however, because we do not know about the circumstances with the box, our support is limited to pre-defined steps for configurations.

If some channels are freezing or not working. Though almost all of our Servers are stable, sometimes channels do freeze or don’t work due to various reasons. However, most of the times, these issues are temporary and caused

by below reasons:

Customer internet fluctuations

The issue with the box